Migration Hangs/Crashes NS1 App

Issue :

After the migration process has started, NS1 starts crashing & doesn’t complete the process

Resolution :

1.Observe if the app is freezing/crashing every time exactly at one particular notebook

2.If that is the case, please back up this problem notebook/pdf individually via the Air Transfer feature – https://noteshelf-support.fluidtouch.biz/hc/en-us/articles/214368948-Backup-Via-AirTransfer

OR via Dropbox auto backup – https://noteshelf-support.fluidtouch.biz/hc/en-us/articles/220597907-Dropbox-Auto-Backup

3.Make sure the notebook has downloaded completely into your computer/Dropbox then, delete that notebook from NS1 app and then continue with the migration process

4.If this notebook/pdf is not confidential in nature, do email it to us so we can try and fix any corruptions in it

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