For Students

As a student, you can create a memorable learning experience by changing the way you communicate with your teachers/peers & complete your school assignments. You can do all of the following and more with Noteshelf 2:

  1. Handwrite your school notes, convert them later into typed text
  2. Search for your handwritten and typed notes as your revise
  3. Type text using bullets & numbering, use post-its
  4. Sketch or maintain a Journal
  5. Import PDF’s/other Microsoft documents, annotate & export them back
  6. Insert images
  7. Record Audio
  8. Bookmark & Tag pages
  9. Insert Emojis & Shapes
  10. Read notes distraction free with Read Only Mode & highlight important notes
  11. Sort your notes according to date or notebook names
  12. Categorize & group notebooks based on subjects & assignments
  13. Share your notes with peers
  14. Set passcodes to your sensitive notes
  15. Auto backup your data into Dropbox, OneDrive or publish notes into Evernote & auto sync notes across all your iOS devices
  16. Personalize your experience with many customization options

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