Contact us

Should you require assistance via email anytime, kindly contact our customer support team conveniently from within the app!

To contact support inside the app, please follow these steps:
1. Tap on ‘Settings’ (gear) icon on your toolbar
2. Tap on ‘Support’
3. Choose ‘Email Support’
You can send messages, attach screenshots if any and send a help request.

You can also use this option if your app has been crashing and you need help reporting it. When you send a support request within the app, we receive some device details to help us diagnose the crashes.

If you’ve been experiencing any issues with the Evernote auto publish or the Dropbox/OneDrive auto backup functions, please use the ‘Send Logs’ option from the same menu.

If you have been experiencing any delays/freezing issues in the app, please use the ‘Send Extended Logs’ option. This will help us troubleshoot and suggest a further course of action.

You can also reach us directly by writing to

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