What You’ll Miss From Noteshelf Classic

We made significant advancements in the app through Noteshelf 2. And one of those major changes is that Noteshelf 2 is based on Vectors, whereas Noteshelf Classic works at Pixel level. Both approaches have their own pros and cons, but vectors are the best choice for note-taking apps. If you […]

Migrate Data From Noteshelf Classic to Noteshelf 2

As we developed Noteshelf 2, we were also concerned about transferring old notebooks from Noteshelf Classic to Noteshelf 2. To address this issue, we came up with a migration process. This migration lets you transfer all your old notebooks from Noteshelf Classic to Noteshelf 2 (with some limitations). Here’s how […]

What’s New in Noteshelf 2

Over the years, we’ve tried our best to simplify note-taking and provide everything possible to make note-taking a better experience for you. When we first launched Noteshelf 7 years ago, we never thought we’d receive so much love and support from our users (like you!). It gives us immense happiness […]

How to Sort Notebooks by Date & Time in Noteshelf

Noteshelf lets you sort your notebook by the date they were created on or by their name. Unfortunately, manual sorting of notebooks is not possible in the Noteshelf as iCloud doesn’t support this feature. Here’s how to sort your notebooks by date or name: Step 1: Drag down the screen Step […]

How to Import PDFs in a Noteshelf Notebook

Noteshelf lets you import PDF documents to your notebooks along with handwritten and typed notes. Here’s how to do that: Step 1: Open a notebook. Step 2: Tap on ‘+’ on the toolbar at the top. Step 3: Tap on ‘Import Document’. Step 4: Choose the source from where you wish […]

How to Create Quick Notebooks in Noteshelf

Before you start adding notebooks using the “Quick Create” option, make sure to check the “Quick Create” settings and set your default cover and paper for future use. Here’s how to quickly add notebooks to your shelf: Step 1: Tap on ‘+’ at the top rightmost corner of the toolbar […]

How to Enable iCloud Sync in Noteshelf

The all-new Noteshelf now lets you sync your notes with iCloud. Enable iCloud settings on Noteshelf and have all your notes synced across all your devices. To enable iCloud settings in Noteshelf, you need to make sure iCloud Drive settings are turned on for your device. Here’s how to enable iCloud sync […]

How to Bookmark Pages in Noteshelf

Noteshelf lets you bookmark pages so that it becomes easy for you to look for important information. Here’s how to bookmark pages in Noteshelf: Step 1: Open a notebook Step 2: Tap on ‘Thumbnail’ icon on the top rightmost corner. Step 3: Tap on the ‘Bookmark’ icon at the top […]

How to Categorize Shelves in Noteshelf

The new Noteshelf lets you categorize your shelf as well to help you organize better. Now you can add “Categories” to your shelf like “Personal”, “Business”, etc and keep relevant books in them. This will help you keep your notebooks sorted and save you time in looking up for them. […]