App Crashing?

If your app starts crashing upon launch, go to the Settings app on iPad and turn ON Safe mode under the Noteshelf 2 app tab. When you enable safe-mode, the app will not crash anymore upon start. After it opens up normally again, kindly send us the following : -Any […]

Noteshelf Club Activation Pending?

Thank you for becoming a member of the Noteshelf club!! In rare cases, we are finding that the club verification email is arriving after a certain delay to users who signed up for it. We use Google’s Firebase as our backend of the Club membership and don’t have visibility into […]

Dimensions For Custom Templates & Covers

Any size works in NS2! There is no recommended size for covers & templates. Please find below our recommendations for the size that fills entire screen real-estate (barring the toolbar) of your app For Portrait templates – iPad 9.7 : 768 X 960 iPad 10.5: 834 x 1048 iPad 12.9: […]

What Happens To Noteshelf Classic?

Well, the answer is simple. The current version of Noteshelf (that you are presently using) will continue to work as a separate app. If you like the current user experience, you are welcome to continue using it. We’d love to hear your thoughts on Noteshelf 2!

Noteshelf Classic Covers & Templates

Issue : Unable to find your favorite variety & purchased NS1 Covers & Templates in NS2 Resolution : 1.We’re coming up with many more cover & template packs plus some more for our Club members  in upcoming updates 2.For purchased covers & templates in NS1, do list them out to […]

Migration Hangs/Crashes NS1 App

Issue : After the migration process has started, NS1 starts crashing & doesn’t complete the process Resolution : 1.Observe if the app is freezing/crashing every time exactly at one particular notebook 2.If that is the case, please back up this problem notebook/pdf individually via the Air Transfer feature – […]

Migration Kickstart Issue

Issue : Starting migration from NS1 is leading you to the download page of NS2 even though you have already purchased NS2. Resolution : 1.Update your NS1 app V12.4 or greater 2.Restart your iPad by pressing the power button for a few seconds 3.Now, go back to the updated version […]

What’s Improved In Noteshelf 2

Seven years has passed since we launched the first version of Noteshelf. Over the years, we’ve received lots of suggestions and requests from our valuable users like yourself; and we continuously updated Noteshelf based on this feedback. However, we reached a point where we needed to make fundamental architectural changes […]

Why Noteshelf 2 Over Noteshelf Classic?

There’s always fun in making the best out of something which is already great. Here are few things which are better and improved in Noteshelf 2 when compared to Noteshelf Classic. iCloud Auto Sync:                                 […]