All about the Noteshelf Club

The Noteshelf Club is a place where Noteshelf-ers can enjoy exclusive benefits such as free papers and covers, tips & tricks and early access to app updates. Membership is free! You will receive a monthly newsletter with useful information to get the most out of Noteshelf. Be a part of our […]

Manual Sorting of Shelf Items

We know some of you have been missing the option to sort the shelf manually. But, we had to do away with this feature because iCloud doesn’t facilitate this. You can sort by Date or Name only. We’ll consider providing a workaround for this in future.

Apple Pencil Lagging?

Are you experiencing any delays while writing with your Apple Pencil? If yes then, pls write to us at & send along the following details – -Do you notice lag mainly with handwriting or highlighter or both? -If it is with handwriting, is the lag happening mainly in the […]

App Crashing?

If your app starts crashing upon launch, go to the Settings app on iPad and turn ON Safe mode under the Noteshelf 2 app tab. When you enable safe-mode, the app will not crash anymore upon start. After it opens up normally again, kindly send us the following : -Any […]

Noteshelf Club Activation Pending?

Thank you for becoming a member of the Noteshelf club!! In rare cases, we are finding that the club verification email is arriving after a certain delay to users who signed up for it. We use Google’s Firebase as our backend of the Club membership and don’t have visibility into […]

Dimensions For Custom Templates & Covers

Any size works in NS2! There is no recommended size for covers & templates. Please find below our recommendations for the size that fills entire screen real-estate (barring the toolbar) of your app For Portrait templates – iPad 9.7 : 768 X 960 iPad 10.5: 834 x 1048 iPad 12.9: […]

What Happens To Noteshelf Classic?

Well, the answer is simple. The current version of Noteshelf (that you are presently using) will continue to work as a separate app. If you like the current user experience, you are welcome to continue using it. We’d love to hear your thoughts on Noteshelf 2!

Noteshelf Classic Covers & Templates

Issue : Unable to find your favorite variety & purchased NS1 Covers & Templates in NS2 Resolution : 1.We’re coming up with many more cover & template packs plus some more for our Club members  in upcoming updates 2.For purchased covers & templates in NS1, do list them out to […]

Migration Hangs/Crashes the Noteshelf Classic App

Issue : After the migration process has started, Noteshelf Classic starts crashing & doesn’t complete the process Resolution : 1.Observe if the app is freezing/crashing every time exactly at one particular notebook 2.If that is the case, please back up this problem notebook/pdf individually via the Air Transfer feature – […]

What’s Improved In Noteshelf

Seven years have passed since we launched the first version of Noteshelf. Over the years, we received lots of suggestions and requests from our valuable users like yourself; and we continuously updated Noteshelf based on this feedback. However, we reached a point where we needed to make fundamental architectural changes […]