Try out our new Public Beta v7.0!

Here are the features our upcoming version offers –   To try these features in advance, please download the beta version from this link (make sure you have the TestFlight app installed on your device) – We look forward to your valuable feedback, reach us via in-app Gear […]

iWatch Sync Issues?

If the iPhone is near to the iWatch, the iWatch will start sending the files to iPhone automatically and you should see them when tapped on the ‘Watch icon’ in the iPhone app (attached screenshot showing the watch icon on iPhone app). While receiving at the iPhone side, if the […]

iOS 13 Notebook opening issue

Issue : Notebooks occasionally do not open in iOS 13 unless the device is restarted each time. Reason : This issue sprouted up with the new iOS 13 & even until the last iOS version, there were still certain issues with the Apple API that were actually not under our […]

How to Create & Manage Tags

Tagging a page would be helpful in quickly sorting and looking for specific information inside a notebook. Just tap on the Plus icon on your Notebook toolbar & select Page Tags. After typing the tag, press ‘Done’ on keyboard to save the tag. To delete a tag, just swipe left on […]

How to Contact Us

Should you require assistance via email anytime, kindly contact our customer support team conveniently from within the app! To contact support inside the app, please follow these steps: 1. Tap on ‘Settings’ (gear) icon on your toolbar 2. Tap on ‘Support’ 3. Choose ‘Email Support’ You can send messages, attach […]

Create & Manage Audio Recordings

Here’s how to record audio in Noteshelf: Step 1: Tap on ‘Plus’ icon on the notebook toolbar Step 2: Tap on the red dot icon in the Audio column to directly start a new recording Step 3 Select on Audio tab from the ‘Plus’ icon to go into Audio recording […]