How to Create & Manage Tags

Tagging a page would be helpful in quickly sorting and looking for specific information inside a notebook. Just tap on the Plus icon on your Notebook toolbar & select Page Tags. After typing the tag, press ‘Done’ on keyboard to save the tag. To delete a tag, just swipe left on […]

How to Contact Us

Should you require assistance via email anytime, kindly contact our customer support team conveniently from within the app! To contact support inside the app, please follow these steps: 1. Tap on ‘Settings’ (gear) icon on your toolbar 2. Tap on ‘Support’ 3. Choose ‘Email Support’ You can send messages, attach […]

Create & Manage Audio Recordings

Here’s how to record audio in Noteshelf: Step 1: Tap on ‘Plus’ icon on the notebook toolbar Step 2: Tap on the red dot icon in the Audio column to directly start a new recording Step 3 Select on Audio tab from the ‘Plus’ icon to go into Audio recording […]

For Teachers

Transform the way you teach using Noteshelf as your classroom management tool: Prepare for your classes by creating instructional content Manage your students’ assignments, track their progress, behavior, daily attendance & grades Personalize your teaching that fits every student’s individual progress Provide your feedback/annotate notes and share them back to […]

For Students

As a student, you can create a memorable learning experience by changing the way you communicate with your teachers/peers & complete your school assignments. You can do all of the following and more with Noteshelf: Handwrite your school notes, convert them later into typed text Search for your handwritten and […]

How to search handwriting & convert to text

To convert your handwritten notes to text & search, follow these steps: 1. Tap on the lasso tool. 2. Lasso the handwritten note 3. Select ‘Convert To Text’ 4. Review the text, edit if necessary and convert to text 5. You can also copy the same handwriting and conduct a […]