Zoom Lock in Noteshelf

With the new update, Noteshelf on Android gets a new amazing feature, Zoom Lock. You can now sketch or annotate your notes with even more precision. Just zoom into your notes and lock it to use your pens without any distraction! Update Noteshelf to get ‘Zoom Lock’ now!

New prompt in Noteshelf on Android

With the new update of Noteshelf on Android, you can now automatically restore any previous Noteshelf backup from Google Drive when signing in for the first time! Just press on Restore when prompted and let Noteshelf do all the work for you. Happy Note-taking!

Keyboard shortcuts in Noteshelf for Mac.

In the Main Shelf   New notebook ⌘ N Quick Create notebook ⌥⌘N New Category  ⌥⇧⌘N Import Document                 ⇧⌘I New Window ⇧⌘N Close ⌘W Inside a Notebook   New Page  ⇧⌘P New Page from Template  ⌥⇧⌘P Bookmark  ⌥⌘B Navigation within a notebook   […]

Digital diaries with custom term periods.

With the new update of Noteshelf, you can now create your own Digital Diaries with custom term      periods! How cool is that! Read on to know how.  Select the option to create a ‘New Notebook’ Select ‘Choose..’ to select the new template. Select ‘Digital Diaries’ from the list […]

What’s different in Noteshelf for Android

Noteshelf is now available for all Android devices with Android 6.0 and up. With this Noteshelf gets a plethora of new features like the iOS version, with a few device-specific exceptions. Let’s have a look at them- Variety of Pens and Highlighters Just like Noteshelf on iOS, the android version […]

Backup and Sync in Noteshelf for Android

The android version of Noteshelf supports backup to cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive. Follow the given steps to backup files to Dropbox or Google Drive.  Backup to Dropbox Download the Dropbox app on your device. Login to your account. Open the Noteshelf app. Long-press to select the desired […]

Noteshelf for Mac v6.1.8

We have updated Noteshelf for Mac with a handful of changes to the user experience. It now fits your MacOS ecosystem better, also making it easier for you to use and navigate within the app. Read on to see all the changes that you can see in your Mac app. […]